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Yoganotes – Learn to draw Yoga Stick Figures 

Capture your practice and plan your classes visually with easy-to-draw yoga stick figures.

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  • Learn how to sketch any Yoga pose clearly and easily with just a few strokes.
  • Sketch your own sequences.
  • Also works for everybody who "cannot draw at all".
  • Clear step-by- instructions for over 80 asanas and their variations.

What's in the book?

Yoganotes contains everything you need to start sketching out your yoga sequences, even if you think that you can’t draw.


The Basics

All you need to know to get started: From getting the proportions right, to adding movement and putting together whole sequences.


Step-by step Instructions

For each asana there is a stroke-by-stroke sequence that makes it easy for you to follow along and copy each pose in the practice space on the page.

Over 80 Asanas + variations

Covering all classes of asanas from standing, seated, kneeling and lying postures to hand-& arm balances and inversion.  

Sample sequences

Including the three Sun Salutations and a sample Hatha class. 

Free templates 

Download lined templates in different sizes for practicing and for your own sequences.

Buy the Book – € 25.90 EUR
Thank you! Your book is amazing and so inpiring, thanks for sharing your talent with us.
I'm so in love with Yoganotes
I have to say your book Yoganotes revolutionised my class planning!! I've got a folder full of class sequnences now in your stick man style.
I bought this book: simplicity, clearly and efficient. I love it! Thank U.
Yoganotes shows how to write out a yoga routine without using words. To visual thinkers & people who don't have perfect word memory recall, this book is great!
I can highly recommend this really useful book to teachers and practitioners of yoga. One word of warning: you start to have so much fun sketching you may forget to do the yoga!!
Thank you very much for your teachings, they helped me a lot to organize my flows and to be confident on classes
It's so much fun. I really enjoy my Yoganotes.

Check it out for FREE

Try out if sketching with Yoganotes is right for you by previewing a sample section of the book.

Send Me a Free Sample

Check it out for FREE

Try out if sketching with Yoganotes is right for you by previewing a sample section of the book.

Who is the book for?

This book is for anybody who is studying, practicing or teaching yoga and who wants to be able to take simple visual notes for their practice, classes or training course.

For Yoga Practitioners

If you practice yoga, you can sketch out your favourite sequences to use as a guide during your home practice or for when you are travelling. Sketch out that great class you attended at your yoga studio or the nice flow you found on YouTube. The sketched overview will be the perfect cheat sheet to keep by your mat during your own practice.

For Yoga Teachers

If you teach yoga classes or work with your own private clients, sketching is a great way to plan your classes or create practice plans in a visual way. You can use them as a visual overview during class and they also make great handouts for your students after a workshop or as personalised practice plans for your one-on-one clients.

For Teacher Trainees

When you are learning to be a yoga teacher there is a lot of information to process. Using sketches to capture the details about postures, alignment and anatomy will help you to get the most out of your training. The notes you create will be clearer, more engaging and actually fun to look at and revise again later.

Yoganotes is also available as an E-Book

Download the digital version as a high-resolution PDF that looks great on your tablet, phone or desktop computer and start sketching immediately. 

The PDF is also ideal to print out at home or at your local copy shop.

What are readers saying and drawing? 

I love your book! Having so much mor fun planning my classes by sketching.
Was such a good investment! It's so much easier to plan out yoga sequences when I can visualize it better.
Just finished a YTT with Yoga Teachers College online with about 100 yogis and many of us bought and used it for our homework and exams. Lots of fun as well as usefl. Thanks heaps for your shared creativity.
My first attempt at a stick man lessen plan. It's MUCH better than my previous attempts before Yoganotes.
Just bought your ebook yesterday and I love it!!!
your book has helped me visualise the body in yoga poses. It's early days and I can just about draw a straight line. But your book is amazing.
That's it! I started drawing Yoganotes and I love it. It's really helpful as a teacher and to share to the students to a better understanding.
I bought the coolest book this weekso as I learn sequenceing in my YTT I can draw my sequences. Yoganotes is so cool!
I use it almost daily. Love it!

About the Author

Eva-Lotta Lamm is a designer, illustrator, visual thinker and passionate yogini. After studying design in Germany, she lived in Paris and London for 10 years, working as a User Experience designer for companies like Yahoo, Skype and Google.  

Her yoga journey began in 2013 when she got introduced to Shivananda Yoga in London. After trying out various styles and classes, she found her teacher Surinder Singh on a trip to India in Rishikesh in 2014. With him, she studied classic Hatha Yoga. She returned in 2016 to complete a teacher training course and practice in the shala for several months.

Eva-Lotta used sketching and visual note taking extensively during the teacher training to capture and digest the wealth of new information (which she published as a book as well). She now regularly sketches out sequences for her own practice, her classes and to share with friends.  

Eva-Lotta made herself a name for taking sketchnotes — a hand drawn form of visual notes that combine words and images into rich visual summaries — at design conferences around the globe, which she published in several books. She is also sought after expert and speaker on the topic of sketching and visual thinking. She regularly teaches sketching workshops, helping people from all kinds of professions to use the power of visual thinking to develop and express their ideas.  

After being a (semi-)nomad for over 2 years — travelling the world, studying yoga and improvisation and doing freelance work — she now lives in Berlin, working as an independent designer, teacher and author.

Start your yoga sketching journey

With the easy-to-follow instructions and a little bit of practice, you’ll be sketching your first yoga sequence in no time!